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Big Finish
The Mirror Effect
A Benny Audio Adventure

Author Stewart Sheargold Cover image
Released 2003
Cover Adrian Salmon

Starring: Lisa Bowerman as Professor Bernice Summerfield
Also featuring Miles Richardson, Stephen Fewell, Harry Myers, Steven Wickham, Beverly Cressman

Synopsis: Under the ice on a cold world lie the derelict remains of the lost Grid 4 Mining Station. Inside the station is a mirror, an ancient alien artefact, its existence known to few. Inside the mirror is one Professor Bernice Summerfield, and she can't get out.


A Review by Jamas Enright 3/11/04

In a room buried beneath the ice there is a mirror, a mirror that reflects what lies inside as well as what's on the surface. Benny, Jason, Braxiatel and Adrian are drawn in through the mirror and what they find on the other side is themselves...

This is a psycho drama, er, I mean, psychological drama that revolves around the main cast members of the Benny audios. This is the first time they'll all been together (even Joseph gets a moment), and this play explores all the dynamics of their relationships. Which is to say, it brings them to nearly kill each other. It's good to see the characters given a chance to interact like this, so high marks to Stewart Sheargold for good writing. There are a few moments of "just what is really happening here?" in the larger picture, which will no doubt be taken up later (well, they'd better be), which do distract from the play itself, but on the whole everything works well (although there is about 20 minutes of set-up to get through before the story really starts).

With the main cast being here, that of course brings in all the talents of Lisa Bowerman, Stephen Fewell, Miles Richardson and Harry Myers (with, as said, a cameo from Steven Wickham). They are all into their characters, and this really comes across in all their interactions. Beverley Cressman joins them as Doctor Carnivel, and she is able to stand up to the more experienced actors in her scenes, and is enjoyable.

The Mirror Effect brings together all the main characters we've heard so far, and gives them a chance to develop together. The story works well, and has a few threads left dangling for later development.